LED Lighting

LED Lighting in recent years it is overwhelming the public and private lighting sector for indoor and outdoor environments.
There are many benefits associated with the use of LEDs as a light source, including:

  • Energy savings over 50% compared to traditional lamps;
  • Maximum maintenance savings;
  • Long duration (>160.000h);
  • High efficiency (>164lm/W);
  • Rohs material (absence of lead and heavy metals);
  • Light beam control (light only where it serves);
  • Contained dimensions (innovative structure);
  • Safe light (no infrared and ultraviolet rays);
  • Esiness of intensity regulation (intelligent electronics);
  • Light color stability (constant tonality over time);
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI);
  • Emission reduction C02.
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    Home and Industrial Automation

    Smart Home ET represents on of the latest technologies developped thanks to the integration of electronic and informatics, with the goal to improve the quality of life inside of the domestic environnement.

    It is a new way to live your home and its environnements, that focuses on the well being of the people in everyday life and defines higher security levels, comfort, energetic eccifiency and usability of the domestic environnements. The system is based on the WiFi 802.11 b/g/n communication which allows cost reduction in the cabling and simplifies the installation. Since it is a really versatile system and suitable to the needs of the final user, the home automation can be used in various environements, such as: industries, hospitality and nautic.

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    Logistics and Security

    Elettronica Tirrito offers different type of useful systems to localization of transports.

    Nowadays within of daily business activities, corporate transports are usually used, so they are equipped with localisation systems in order to satisfy organizzative needs and to allow an use more parsimonious than resources. Elettronica Tirrito goes against this problem offering localisation systems that have GPS and GPRS form and applications, for windows platforms, android and iOS, useful for relocation identity of means on the topographic map in real time.

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    Elettromedical equipment

    Nowadays the use of mechanical, chemical, informatical and electronical disciplines is important in the medical field, in such an significant way that it has lead to the introduction of a new engineering sector that is the Biomedical.

    In particular, electronic takes on a primary support role in this sector, infact the electronic equipments used for the diagnosis, the therapy and the rehabilitation are remarkable.
    The equipment required by modern medicine to the contemporary electronic world are mostly embedded systems consisting of an analogic front-end, biosensors, microcontrollers with wireless capacity of communication. Elettronica Tirrito offers a range of highly technological products within of physiotherapy and chromotherapy based on usage of IRDA handpieces and laser pointers.

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    Various applications

    Elettronica Tirrito also produces:

  • Terminals for authentication

  • development boards for:
  • family microcontrollers C8051F120;
  • family microcontrollers PIC F24.
  • Personalized applications

    Elettronica Tirrito realizes personalized HW systems and SW applications for Windows, Android and iOS environement.