LED Lighting & Telecontrol Systems

Elettronica Tirrito is a company with more than 20 years experience in microcontroller-based electronic designing ...

The speedness of the process of designing and prototyping are our strength, allowing us to quickly make an idea become a real system. We offer solutions based on LED Lighting with very high efficiency and best production engineering.


  • Microcontroller-based electronics

    In digital electronics the microcontroller or MCU (MicroController Unit) is an electronic apparatus integrated on single chip, born as an evolutionary alternative to the Microprocessor and it is generally used in embedded systems such as for specific applications (special purpose) of digital control.

    It is designed to directly interact with the outside world through a program located in its own internal memory and thanks to the use of special pins or configured by the programmer. It is available in 3 different processing capacity categories (wideness of the data bus): 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit. The first optimized on-chip computer for control applications has been the Intel model 8048, released in 1975, with RAM and ROM on the same chip. This component it has been used in more than a billion of PC keyboards and many other applications.

  • LED Lighting, the light of the future

    In elettronics a diode with luminous emission or LED (english acronyme for light emitting diode) is an optoelectronic apparatus that uses the optic proprieties of some semiconductor materials to produces photons through the phenomenon of spontanous emission such as starting from the recombination of electron-gap couples. LEDs are particularly interesting for their charactristics of high luminous efficiency A.U./A and good reliability. The evolution of the materials it has been the key to obtain the luminous sources of the future which have all the charactristics to substitute almost each one of the so far used out of date lights.
    Moreover Elettronica Tirrito has developped a particular optic for street light fixtures able to triplicate the luminous fluxe on the ground making more convenient the use of LED lighting systems.

  • Home and Industrial Automation

    Smart Home ET represents on of the latest technologies developped thanks to the integration of electronic and informatics, with the goal to improve the quality of life inside of the domestic environnement.

    It is a new way to live your home and its environnements, that focuses on the well being of the people in everyday life and defines higher security levels, comfort, energetic eccifiency and usability of the domestic environnements. The system is based on the WiFi 802.11 b/g/n communication which allows cost reduction in the cabling and simplifies the installation. Since it is a really versatile system and suitable to the needs of the final user, the home automation can be used in various environements, such as: industries, hospitality and nautic.

  • Wireless Communication

    There are various embedded systems designed and achived entirely from Elettronica Tirrito capable to communicate via wireless. The idea that motivates us to create new wireless systems is the abolition of the cabling which can be in may cases annoying for the cable overload in the apparatus at short range, but particularly extreamly expensive in may cases such as in common informatic networks at medium/wide range. Just think about the difficulty of the operators (provider) in extending and make ubiquitous the wide band in Internet caused by the high cost of the positioning of the phisical structure relating to the possibile future incomes deriving from the investment. Instead, one single radio transceiver apparatus can cover a wider user range at a considerably lower facility price. Wireless networks and appliances allow breacking down the wall of cabling while ensuring the mobility of the user service on wireless mobile networks such as cellular networks. In particular Elettronica Tirrito has developped the characterised systems from: radio module, wi-fi 802.11 module, zigbee, bluetooth and GPRS.

  • Telemetry

    One of Elettronica Tirrito's strength is certainly Telemetry. This technology allows the remote and/or local managing of appliances through applications developped for windows, Android o iOS platforms. There are various modules designed by Elettronica Tirrito, for managing, monitoring and dimmering the LED or (SAP) street light fixtures with wireless communication, or wired thanks to RS485 or conveyed waves. This latest technology allows the trasmission of voice or data through the electric input network as a transmissive mean.

Intelligent System for the Management and Maintenance of Production Equipment


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