February 2017 News

ELETTRONICA TIRRITO: wind and solar energy systems.

Elettronica Tirrito provided to the AZ-LUCE company in Caltagirone 274 complete photovoltaic/wind poles wind vertical axis turbines, photovoltaic panels and Venere_60W LED Street Lighting.

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November 2016 News

ELETTRONICA TIRRITO develops a Home/Industrial automation system

Smart Home ET represents one of the latest technologies, developed through the electronic integration and computer science, in order to improve the quality of life in the home environment.

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August 2016 News

ELETTRONICA TIRRITO promotes the use of LED lighting in greenhouse gardening.

The LED lighting in greenhouse gardening other than helping to lower consumption it also particulary increases the production rhythms.

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July 2016 News


LED XLamp Extreme High Power (XHP), is a new class of LEDs that allows a system cost reduction up to 40% for lighting applications.
These LEDs, powered by SC5 revolutionary Technology Cree Platform, provide twice the luminous flux and greater reliability than previous LEDs of the same size.
The XHP LEDs allow lighting manufacturers to drastically reduce the size and design system cost, using less LED but more reliable to get the same brightness.
The XHP LEDs offer, also, a longer lifetime even at operating temperatures and higher currents than previous LED technologies, enabling light manufacturers to reduce the size of the dissipation devices and their costs without affecting nominal duration.


Maggio 2016 News


Elettronica Tirrito provided one vertical axis wind turbine, one Venere_60W LED Street Lighting and a photovoltaic panel to Palermo for experimentation purposes.

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News April 2016

ELETTRONICA TIRRITO started using the latest led CREE.

On April 26, 2016 CREE presented the news XLamp®XP-G3 LED which offers over 31% more brightness and about the 8% more efficency. High Power XP-G3 LEDs improve the luminous density, the voltage characteristics and the reliability. These performances allow lighting manufacturers to provide differentiated solutions at lower system costs for road applications, outdoor spaces, high-bay spots and lighting.


Previous News

Elettronica Tirrito won the tender at Kore University of Enna.

ELETTRONICA TIRRITO provided N°3 weather stations for the environmental data acquisition installed in the engineering, architecture and physical education faculty plexus, of Kore University of Enna.